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24-Feb-2019: I started Rituximab-Bendamustin the 1st week of January 2019. 6 cycles every 4 weeks. At the strong recommendation of NC Cancer Hospital Hematology-Oncology dept, I am travelling to Chapel Hill for the treatments. As my wife is also in her 70's and it is a 4 to 5 hour drive, we drive up the afternoon before and spend 2 or 3 nights before returning home.

I have finished 2 cycles as of this posting. The 2 testing and infusion days are just long days with lots of waiting. The drive home on day 3 is okay. Extreme fatigue begins early on day 4 and lasts thru day 9. Moderate nausea also began late in day 4 and continued thru day 8. I have yet to actually vomit. I did not take the Zofran for cycle 2. It made little difference. My appetite has be zero from day 2 to day 9. Constipation has been significant and uncomfortable from day 1 thru day 10.

Coughing and coughing up a lot of junk was significant in cycle 1 for days 4 thru 7. I was also having frequent moderate nose bleeds. There was always blood when I blew my nose. The coughing and nasal bleeding decreased significantly in cycle 2.

For both cycles everything significantly improved during day 10 and it was all over by the end of day 11. Back to eating normally and resuming normal activity for the next 17 days.

I had been told to expect post cycle 1 to be pretty bad and cycle 2 to not be significantly better, possibly worse. I rate my experience in total thru cycle 2 to not be significantly worse or better than what I was expecting. The nausea somewhat was better than expected, the fatigue was worse than expected.

I am hopeful that reports I hear/read that these side effect start to significantly moderate with cycle 3, or at least by cycle 4 will apply to me. Meanwhile I'll just try to enjoy the coming 8 days.

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