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I am a 2 time survivor of cancer already. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that I had removed in 1987 and Medullary Thyroid Cancer in 2012 which resulted in a partial thyroidectomy. I am considered cured of both. I found something when showering so I made an appointment but could no get in for two weeks only to be told they probably are not ingrown hairs as I have had or pimples but possibly skin cancer. Does not look anything like what we are told that skin cancer looks like with irregular edges and varrigated coloring. Does not even look like what they tell you basal cell carcinoma looks like. Since I am going to a county facility I am concerned that the delay in getting the testing, appointments, & treatment necessary will be delayed because it could take 3 months for appointments and if it is more that what we currently think, it could be disasterous. I am also concerned that I will have to be treated by someone who does not really have the skills or knowledge to treat my condition because I belong to managed care and my current doctor does not refer me easily for other chronic conditions I have because he does not think it is necessary no matter if I have been dealing with it for an extended period of time and nothing else is working. I just cannot believe this is happening! I am just hoping whatever it is, that it is benign and not malignant and definately will not need more treatment other than minor removal. I was plagued with Lymph-Edema since February 2013 so I hope all these things I have experienced over the last year are not all related. I am ready for the journey but do not know what steps I need to take and what doctors I should be seening to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Help.

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    I was diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer last month stage 3b it is referred to as squamous cell carcinoma, I have 6 more weeks of chemo and radiation and hoping for the best. What I thought was an ingrown hair, or a pimple was a tumor, but at the time I was fighting bronchial pneumonia and thought that was the reason for my groin lymph nodes being swollen. After the pulmonologist ruled out anything being wrong with my lungs other then the BP my primary care physician looked at what I thought was something it wasn't she diagnosed this as soon as she saw it, she knew 18 years ago I was diagnosed with vulvar dysplasia and the surgeon performed a partial vulvectomy and removed part of my clitoris, no therapy was done at that time. The following week she made an appointment with a surgeon and after a series of scans with contrast I was once again told it was cancer, the next week went in and had the tumor removed along with the lymph nodes where the cancer was staged 3b. Chemo for me is a walk in the park compared to the radiation I am receiving. I hope you find all the answers you need and get started with the treatment you need as your road has already been a long journey for you already.

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