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My cancer was found after a dental exam for what I thought was a possible chip tooth. He did a X-ray and found something he did not like. I was then sent to an Oral Surgeron, who did cat scans, and really did not like results, he went in for a biopsy, the results showed the cancer, the hope was that it was contained to my jar, where the tumor was. The tumor was eating away my jay bone and the roots of m teeth. I was then sent to oncologist. Then the FUN began.... The first oncologist I went to said she did not think she could treat me, she wanted me to go Out of State, Insurance e would not pay for any treatment Out of State. I had to find help within the my state and a Cancer Center that treats Multiple Myeloma, what sems to be a rare speciality. It took forever to coordinate everything, finding a Doctor, doing what the insurance company wanted, and trying to get the treatment I needed, each day I was in more and more PAIN....

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