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My spouse was a long-time smoker. Despite giving up smoking a while back she developed a worrying cough. X-Ray’s were taken and an ominous shadow was detected . A lung biopsy detected a tumor but due to it’s positioning they decided against surgery. My wife was given chemo and underwent radiation. The tumor diminished to the extent that we were told she was in remission (2016)

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    Hi Paddyj, My hubby also has small cell lung cancer. His initial tumor was found by accident when he was taking part in a study for long term smokers. He smoked 43 years, quitting several times but it was very hard to kick permanently. He was referred to a surgeon who removed his right lower lobe and a bunch of lymph glands. Since the lymph glands were clear, he was declared "cured". But in 6 months there was a shadow on his PET scan that the radiologist felt warranted f/u but his surgeon felt it was just normal post op changes. Three months later a cough set in and his primary decided he has asthma and gave him an inhaler Then the chest pain,. Hubby thought he was having another MI so off to the cardiologist. He was scheduled for an angiogram but the dr wanted a chest X-ray first. Voila! A large tumor also in a bad position so no surgery here either. He underwent chemo and radiation which left a lot of scar tissue so he get SOB easily. But he's 4 years post treatment and stable. I wish your wife good results with her latest treatment.

    3 months ago

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