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I was scheduled to have my right asending colon as well as my right liver lobe removed in one surgical procedure, the colon removal went smoothly. After examining my liver it was determined that right lobe removal was not an option, so they performed 2 RFA's and 4 wedge recection. I did not recover so well from that. Multiple infections, 17 extra days in the hospital, the only drs I dealt with were residents (I didn't see my surgical oncologist for 4 weeks post SX). I felt uniformed about what was happening, multiple CT scans, blood cultures, x-rays...I was miserable. Turns out they removed my gallbladder as well (which I did sign for if it needed to be done but they failed to inform me it was removed) I found out from my GP 6 weeks later. After 5-6 weeks recovery the cancer is back and spreading (colon, full liver, lung, lymph) so I started a new chemo treatment last Tuesday.

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