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Freaking out about eye surgery. Another anesthesia event. I hate it! I am pretty sure my eyes will be uncomfortable and unattractive forever. And I will be giving school conferences with black eyes again. Parents are never going to believe I'm not a victim of domestic violence (maybe I have some sense of humor left)

  • nkevorkian's Avatar

    I also was Her2 positive and received taxotere and keep getting styes in my eyes, have one right now. My eyes still water when it is just slightly cold outside. Do you think I should do anything about this? How is your hair? I think it really did a number on my hair to. I was also low in bit. D after. I finished chemo March 2014 and Herceptin was finished January 2015.

    about 5 years ago
  • moonmaiden's Avatar

    nkevokian, absolutely consult someone before your eyelashes start growing back

    about 5 years ago

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