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I had felt pretty good by November and went back to work after missing about 2 months. Then, 1-2 weeks after I returned I felt in intense pain in my stomach. I thought maybe my pants were too tight so I took a break from work and bought another pair of pants and returned to work. Shortly after that I felt very nauseous and went home. I thought it might pass but it didn't. I wound up spending most of the night throwing up. The next morning at around 6 am I had my wife drive me to the hospital. I tried to get to Sloan since that was where I had my initial surgery but only made it to Hackensack University Hospital. I did have an oncologist there who gave me chemo following the direction of my oncologist at Sloan. I waited there to see if the obstruction would pass and also to see if a bed would open up at Sloan. Neither thing happened so I had the scar tissue removed at Hackensack. The procedure went well but like my other operations, the narcotics that they give me for pain slowed by bowels so I had an NG tube up my nose for about 9-10 days. That was a 12 day stay. I went home, then went back on the previous chemo. Sometime in January 2005 I returned to work

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