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Lymph nodes in lung look inflamed/larger. Quite possibly a problem. Going to go back on Irinotecan & Erbitux every other week until further notice. I have had some bad reactions to Irinotecan where I get stomach cramps that can be real bad. I am waiting until next week to start up with that since I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. I also have one of those Erbitux ulcer growths on my right "Grand Toe" that is causing a lot of pain. I will have to have them cut the nail away on that toe. That's loads of fun too...

I just had my second infusion of Irinotecan & Erbitux yesterday. It really knocked my socks off but I do not feel too bad today. I've found if I get up and get out I can do pretty well for a while. I hope I haven't spoken too soon...

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    Hi Phlip,
    I was Reading ur some of the Coments i was so happy for u.My Name Ratan i.m from South Africa.My Wife she is 42 & She's haveing a Rectum Cancer Stage iv.When i Read ur Dtory i read to her She is so Happy.We are a normal Family form South Africa.And we want to get a treatment but our finance is not that Strong.She & me we both Surfing at the internet for a Trial some institute in USA.Well u are a Survivor of A Cancer.Is there any kinda way u might know that we can get a Trial for my wife it would help us Lot.Maybe I can have my in my Life for Few more Years.Thank you Very Much.My e-mail id:[email redacted]

    almost 9 years ago
  • PhillieG's Avatar

    Sorry to hear your wife is not well. I do not know of any trials. I suggest you search the ACS site any Govt sites to see what's available.

    almost 9 years ago

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