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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Colorectal (Colon) Cancer. Posted on August 5, 2011 View this journey (26 Experiences)

FOLFOX and Avastin. Avastin just came out on the market 1 month after my chemo started so I did 6 months total with 5 of those months with Avastin. I did not find the side effects to be too bad, I was able to kayak for 81 consecutive days leading up to my surgery in Sept 2004. I did experience fatigue and some nausea. I had the "pump" hooked up to me for the 48 hours after the initial infusion but I would put that inside a ziploc bag so it wouldn't get wet if I flipped over (which never happened).
The days when I was very tired or feeling nauseous, it's hard for it to not affect one's daily life but for the most part, I tried to make it a non-issue mainly because my kids were 10 and 4 at the time. If I made it into a big deal it might have made things worse.

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