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I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer when I was 46. I had been going to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) for about 10 years and getting checkups every 12-18 months. He was also an oncologist. I had elevated liver functions that showed up during my yearly physical. He thought it was possibly gallstones so he ordered a sonogram. I went for that in the morning, the technician said I need a CT scan ASAP. I had that done around 1pm that day. At 5 pm my PCP called to tell me I had Stage IV colon cancer.
Needless to say, I was floored. I was seeing him for 10 years, he's an oncologist, how could this be missed??? He turned out to be of little help other than giving me the initial DX. He felt there was no hurry at all since I've had it for a number of years, what's a few more months before we operate and start with chemo. I did NOT like his attitude and lack of concern so I got a second opinion over at Sloan Kettering. I wanted the PCP to follow the recommendation of my new Onc at Sloan and he was not happy to do so. He tried to stall for my port installation (I had it done next day with my brother's persistence) and then started the chemo right after that. The PCP didn't like how my brother treated his staff (by telling them to get stuff done - would not take NO for an answer) and the PCP told me to tell my brother not to call again. I then fired my PCP and found a great oncologist in Hackensack NJ who was willing to let my other Onc "drive". He would have done the same protocol as my onc at Sloan. The PCP wanted to operate, then chemo. We did chemo, then operated. I strongly believe that was a major reason why I've done so well.

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