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I met with a radiologist at Sloan Kettering yesterday to discuss zapping my (hopefully) remaining spot 'o cancer that's known. It's a lymph node near my bronchial tubes. It will be 3x's, a day apart, and about 20 mins each treatment...more to follow as I find out. I'm not planning on NED, Cured, or any of that. What I AM hoping for is a nice long break from chemo. Something along the lines of forever? :-)

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  • TaraMac's Avatar

    PhillieG, I'm so sorry you have been through so much. What I can say is from reading all that you have experienced you are a very strong man with a lot of courage. This is so great because I had to learn that for me being diagnosed with cancer it was not personal, it was just a life situation which I had no control over. I went from not being able to say the word cancer to denial to anger & crying all the time. The one thing I never did was question God because I do believe everything that happens in our lives is ment to happen. Our life is already planned and we just have to follow the guide that is laid out in front of us. I have reached the point of acceptance now, positive thinking produces positive results. I have never wanted to fight so hard for anything but I have started this journey and I'm looking forward to the victory. Stay strong please continue to share your journey, looking forward to hearing your progress. Be Blessed.

    over 7 years ago
  • care's Avatar

    thanks.....reading your journey is what I needed to hear today......I'm with you, brother...just don't rock the boat!

    over 7 years ago
  • electricbill's Avatar

    I thought, when I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago it would be maybe a couple of months of chemo and done. like you its been much longer. i'm alive and doing well though, which is a good thing! I have mets to my liver and lung,but no surgeries on them, just chemo it's great to read your story. it helps me look forward....btw I graduated from MW 1976 and I have dr K in sloan

    over 7 years ago

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