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So I have a date set for my 4th RFA. It will be on October 17th. It seems like they are yearly procedures at this point of my journey and I am 100% comfortable with this. It's become routine for me and the "plan" is that I will be out the same day barring any problems.

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  • Jane's Avatar

    What is an RFA. My cancer has been in my lung twice. I had shaped beam radiation the first time. The second time it was in the scar tissue so needed surgery. I was in icu for 4days and long recovery at home. I'm not looking forward to that if I have it in the lung again.

    about 9 years ago
  • PhillieG's Avatar

    RFA: Radio Frequency Ablation.
    They insert a needle into the tumor, then heat it up which dissolves the tumor. It can't be used all the time on everyone but over the past 4 years, I've been having small tumors grow in both lungs that were able to be taken out that way. I know what you mean about surgeries, I've had 3 of them on my lungs. Two other surgeries for the initial colon and liver work. IF you can have the RFA done, it's so much easier Jane. It's certainly worth looking in to. I went home the same day, you can't beat that...
    I hope this is of some help to you

    about 9 years ago

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