Wedge resection to right lung - PhillieG

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Spring, 2006. I had the first of three lung operations for small tumors. They were able to do wedge resections. I also was able to do what's known as "muscle sparing technique". They go in from the side rather than from the back. It's supposed to be less damaging to the muscles. I spent another 10-12 days in the hospital again, mainly due to the slowing of the bowels due to pain medication. I'm quite sure I had the procedure done in my right lung in 2 locations. I had to have the drainage tubes connected for a while. It was rough but I sort of put myself in a trance-like mode and just did what they told me to do (which was to walk a lot) and I got out. I had some trouble with soreness in the area. They had to stretch my ribs apart too plus the surgeon had hands like a baseball mitt!

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