12/20/2012 3rd Opinion MSKCC - quijote

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I visited Dr. Laudone at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Chose this place based on their reputation and their current research. Previous to my visit I arraged to send the pathololy slides and the CT and Bone scan images for evaluation. I discussed my case with Dr. Laudone and basically arrived at the same recommendation for treatment. Given my age and clinical stage Dr. Laudone considers that the radical prostatectomy is my best choice.
I learned two things from this visit.
First the pathologist at MSKCC downgraded my Gleason score to a 7 in some biopsy sections. In their opinion my cancer is not as aggressive as a Gleason 8 although is not all 7. This is consistent with the opinion of a pathologist friend in Florida which also evaluated the slides. Dr. Laudone mentioned that because of their high volume the pathologist at MSKCC do almost exclusively prostate biopsis. The fact that the Gleason score was downgraded does not have an impact in my treatment. The recommendation for surgery is still the same.
The second learning was that they use an MRI technique (3TMRI) as part of the tools for surgery at MSKCC. I heard about this new technique before but I was not aware that it was actually being used as part of the surgery. I am going to learn more about this technique and its potential benefits. Apparently at MSKCC the 3TMRI images assist the surgeon to perform a more precised surgery. I am on a quest now to find out what are the benefits of using this technique. This could have an impact on where I do the surgery. I will also like to talk to my Doctor in Florida to find out his opinion about this technique and if it will provide him with useful information.
I would be very interested to hear of anyone's experience at the MSKCC. Particularly if you had surgery or had the 3TMRI study done at MSKCC.

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