5/27/2014 Hernia Surgery - quijote

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Since after a year my PSA was still 0 and had minimal side effects, and my bone scan and CT scans were negative I decided to take care of an inguinal and an umbilical hernia. Went to see Dr Samuel Szomstein who assure me he has done this many times and should be simple surgery. Big mistake! He decided to try a new type of mesh for my umbilical hernia without my consent. At first the recovery was going well but 6 days after the surgery a sharp pain indicated that something was wrong. I called the office and went to see him inmediately. After examination he assured me that all was well despite my point that something must have change since I was doing fine and all of the sudden the pain started and there must be an assignable cause. He ignore my complaints and never mentioned that he used the experimental mesh. It turns out that it is most likely that he was trying it for the first tiem. Not only was this mesh later remove from Cleveland clinic usage but this mesh required a different procedure. Instead of doing a CT scan to rule out an obstruction due to meash adhesion, which would have been standard of care particularly because he knew that he had used something different than before, he sent me home. Needless to say I was back on the emergency room a few hours later with a serious bowel obstruction due to the adhesion of the mesh.

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