6/5/2014 Emergency Surgery to remove hernia mesh- Unskilled and unethical Dr Szomstein - quijote

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After CT scan confirming obstruction and naso stomach tube was placed to relieve the fluid accumulation Dr Samuel Szomstein had to do an emergency surgery to remove the mesh that he had implanted. Not only did he cause the problem but it also took over 6 month for the incision to heal with continuous suppuration. I also developed an enlarge testicle after this surgery possibly from some kind of fluid accumulation. Not only did Dr Szomstein kept secret that he used the experimental mesh for 6 month until after the incision was healed. Dr Szomstein is a very dishonest and unskilled doctor. It turns out that my complains to his boss Dr Rosenthal were ignored. I came to find out that perhaps the reason was because Dr Rosenthal was already fined but having done and incision in the wrong side of the body of a patient and he definitely wanted to stay out of trouble. I mentioned this experience here for various reasons. First because after a very successful prostate surgery Dr Szomseins mistake had tremendous impact on my quality of life. And secondly because I think that it is important that people know about unethical Doctors like Dr Samuel Szomstein.

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