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Oh No Associated with Bladder Cancer. Posted on December 20, 2012 View this journey (2 Experiences)

My level of cancer is below 1. Seems like it was found on time; however, my doctor diagnosed for me to take 6 weeks of chemo-therapy. ..wwaaoo, i am doing pretty good today and the next thing is the big word..C H E M O. We found out by an excessive presence of blood in my urine, including pieces of tissues. I really don't care about the level; cancer is cancer and is not welcomed in my vocabulary. As a believer of the gospel i know that the Lord is in control and thanks to his mercy i am contacting you. Right now my struggle is very psychological . Many factors come into this equation, all of a sudden, and honestly i know that i'm going to be successful , in Jesus name. Please share.....Thanks.

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