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I had my anal biopsy under MAC anesthesia 12/23. The facility and staff were awesome but I was not prepared for the following week and the pain involved. I had a colonoscopy with polyps x5 removed in August and expected the biopsy to be that simple, no pain, no symptoms. I thought everything would be fine and I would return to work the following Tues 12/27. The pain was intense, thank goodness was given percocet and valium for spasms as needed. But was also draining moderate amounts of serosanginous drainage, soaking 4x4's every 1-2 hours for 3-4 days. Having a bowel movement was not too bad , it burned, some blood, but worst of all was the hemorrhoids that showed up as the swelling decreased. Sitting or standing for any length of time caused alot of throbbing pain. Have still not received the pathology report but with it being the Holiday week didnt really expect to. Saw Primary MD Thursday and asked if would be ok to use Prep H externally and she said yes, that really helped. I tried to go back to work on Friday 12/30 but as my job requires to me to sit at a computer, within 2 hours I was really hurting. Came home and have pretty much been lying around, as when on my side the pain dissipates. Today has been my best day and am going to try to go to work in am armed with prep h, panty liners (I have whole new respect for women though I am sure what I am experiencing does not even compare to what they go through monthly). I am hoping maybe tomorrow surgeon will contact me with reults so I can start the next part of this journey. God bless to all and Happy Holidays.

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