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I was in the process of receviving fertility treatment when my cancer was discovered. so had to stop this and my dream of being a mother has vaporized. :( so heartbreaking for me.

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    rebanne76, It's been a while since you posted here, but I did read your post/comment on someone else's dilemma. DO NOT be so resigned, please, to your situation. I also have stage IV Colon Cancer and am not ready to resign! You need to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Do not dismiss any alternative therapies, diets, and/or supplements, that at the very least, will boost your immune system and strengthen your own body, There is a great deal of information out there..... research.... and uncover what rings true for you (in addition, perhaps, to what you are already doing.) Keep up you Will, Hope, and Love for life itself..... and practice things that draw those elements into your world.
    Research, research, research..... be your own assistant practitioner and discover additional protocols. A plethora of Information is more available to us than in any other proceeding decade, let's put it's availability to good use! Best of luck, and God Bless!

    over 6 years ago

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