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Sharing an update to warn of side effects. I opted for hormone therapy with Anastrozole to bring down odds of cancer recurring. Had bone scans which showed loss of bone density and Osteopenia. I was having episodes of back pain which I thought was because of getting older. Oncologist prescribed Prolia injection which lasts for 6 months. Started having more pain, worse than neulasta shots and chemo. I realize we all react differently, but if your odds of recurrance are low, might be good to avoid possible crippling pain and suffering. I had to resign from work.

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  • Redbird's Avatar

    The pain was Soo bad and moved to different areas in my body. Even my ribs. Throughout spine, settling in lower back now in hips and sacral region. They say not to take too many ibuprofen, but had to just to move enough for bare minimum self care. If you live alone, avoid this treatment. At times, nothing fazed the pain. Was prescribed steroids, Celebrex, zanaflex, Tylenol. No opiods. Taking all of these prescriptions has recently dulled the pain enough to do more for myself, but have to take more than prescribed. I truly do know my blessings to still be here and cry and pray for the suffering cancer victims and their caregivers. I am not nearly as bad off as others, but shared to maybe spare some pain.

    over 1 year ago
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    Did your pain level improve when you quit taking Anastrole? I've been on it 5 yrs as of next month & am looking to stopping this med!!! Had back surgery 2 years ago. Dr says need again
    Can't stand or walk for more than 10 min until terrible lower back, hip, etc. Am hoping that will improve when I stop med. Can anyone tell about their experience when they stopped anastrole?

    over 1 year ago

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