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I received a message on my cell to call back to set up appointment to go over pathology reports of the two surgeries on my Right arm and the one on my left arm. I was unable to return call due to poor cell service at that time.
Then I received a letter in the mail to contact the office to set up appointment to discuss pathology report of my LEFT arm. (So I called. HURRAH they said the RIGHT arm was free and clear.) BUT The LEFT ARM had Deep Extensive Basal Cell and I needed to set up appointment to discess options of treatment. I was unable to set up appointment then and they were busy that month....
Well, I got a registered letter from the Skin Surgery Center... (It was mailed out the day I called.....) BUT the Registered Letter said the DEEP EXTENSIVE BASAL CELL WAS IN MY RIGHT SUPERIOR......?
This leaves me with a lot of QUESTIONS. Was it just a TYPO? HOW MANY OTHER MISTAKES were made???????????

But No Matter WHAT.... I "DO" KNOW that GOD is in control.

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