Procedure or Surgery Associated with Skin Cancer - Non-Melanoma. Posted on September 22, 2012 View this journey (9 Experiences)

Three surgeries on same day..... Left arm and scarring is 11 mm down superior left arm.
This has left me with difficulty using this arm. I am unable to lift my arm as before and range of motion has greatly decreased. I have pain daily in this arm. Many nights I am unable to sleep due to the pain.

Right Upper arm inferior scar is 7 mm across >>>>>> Pathology>>>>CANCER FREE. i have no pain in this area. Occasional tenderness but site is healed . (Left Arm incision healed also)

Right Upper Arm Superior....5 mm :( Pathology>>>>> Cancer. Deep Invasive Basal Cell. I have to return for discussion and options for further treament. BUT THAT AREA IS PAIN FREE. "?"

Went as Expected: Neutral/NA
Minimal Recovery: Neutral/NA
Minimal Side Effects: Disagree
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