Problem with doctor - Redeemed

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I felt crazy! Active for pancreatitis, in profound pain, could not eat, nauseated and vomiting every day. Went to "2" Gastrointestinal doctors in Alabama and Florida, all who did repeat ultrasounds, MRCP's, several CT scans. Doctors have become very immune and desensitized to helping the patient and more worried about Medicare not paying them. Oh, 20 minutes have gone by ok come back in 3MONTHS!! I suffered needlessly and his my pain and sickness from my children as I did not want them to see me crying. This all became very personal to me. I now go out of my way to help people who have been diagnosed with pancreatitis as the doctors are very uninformative. My children are smart - and picked up on me gripping my leg and turning gray thru episodes of grave pain. You're left feeling like how am I going to provide for my children if I die and how do I provide for my already disabled husband. These thoughts consume you! It doesn't have to be this way. Doctors that are not treating you are doctors you need to get rid of and seek out ones that are compassionate. It really is an epidemic of uncaring doctors worrying about not getting paid.

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