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Was diagnosed in Nov 2010 with stage 4 adenocarcinoma of Left upper lung. Since that time I have undergone a round of chemo and maintained for 6 months on Avastin before deciding to stop it and trying a more natural approach with something called Anamu. I had 8 months of "stable" CT scans and then found out it had spread to my right lung and both kidneys, and some "suggestive" area on my liver. Surgery was never an option because of the mets in lymph nodes and pleura. Started chemo 4 weeks ago again and just had 2nd treatment yesterday. I had some trouble with fatigue and chemo brain, taste and smell disorders, itching, cold all the time, didn't lose my hair but it sure turned it gray/white, this was all with the first treatment. My treatments are not going to cure, just looking to stablize and have a little more time. Have had lots of time to process but not sure one is ever able to fully grasp the full effects of it. At least I don't know that I will. They gave me 6 moths to a year in the beginning and have all been amazed that I have gone this long, makes me wonder. Any thoughts from anyone going thru something similar? Would love to chat with someone.

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