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a peach size necrotic mass that was caused by radiation was removed from the same breast that had the cancer. - Ria

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At 7 yrs into recovery; discovered a very fast growing necrotic mass (basically dead tissue) in the same breast that had the cancer. Was told it was caused by the radiation treatment; something no one told me could happen. The mass was very, very painful along with the outpatient surgery; it was more painful that the initial surgical biopsies, lumpectomy and lymph node dissection and the surgeon was not at all compassionate, caring, etc. I had no use of my right arm for months and months and then developed a mild case of lymphedema. And it left me a full 2 1/2 inches smaller on that side; with no referrals, consults or conversations at all regarding any kind of reconstruction surgery. I've had so many surgeries over the years, it wasn't the surgery itself; it was the lack of information...that I was never informed that this was a possible side effect of treatment; I think that's the part that gets me the most.
Has anyone else had this reaction to radiation? I've not heard of one other woman or man having this so just wondering.....????

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    There is a cancer group that meets once a month here in Mount Vernon and probably someone in that group had the same problem. You can call the cancer center and ask when the group meets again.

    almost 9 years ago

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