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Axillary Lymph Node Dissection - Ria

Procedure or Surgery Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on November 7, 2012 View this journey (5 Experiences)

In fall of 2007; I started having very severe lower back pain. Never had any injuries, falls, car accidents, etc....just out of nowhere. After xrays and MRI's, came back as degenerative disc disease. But....they did not use contrast with the MRI's at first, rather surprising considering my cancer dx. So...new doctor, who does order another MRI, this time with contrast. And it came back highly suspicious for Blastic Metastasis--told me I was looking at Stage 4. Was absolutely floored. Had a biopsy done with came back negative. MY oncologist even sent a sample down to Fred Hutchinson/University of WA (I live north of Seattle in a very rural, small town area)...again it came back negative. He's reassured me it's NOT cancer/metastasis; but they don't know what it is. So now I live in constant, chronic pain with that. And then another scare--.my breast cancer was in my right breast; they removed 10 lymph nodes which were all clear. But in 2010; I developed 2 enlarged, swollen lymph nodes under my LEFT arm and being a cancer survivor....the decision was made have them removed ASAP and biopsied. Came back negative thank god; But after all these scares and putting my friends and family thru the horrible waiting, etc....I decided NO MORE...no more mammo's, tests, etc. If it comes back or metastasizes; they can't do much anyway, so what's the point? I can't live as fully as I want for whatever time I do have left on this planet cuz I'm always at some doctors...getting poked, smashed, stabbed, etc. I just told my oncologist and primary care to leave me alone.
Anyone else ever feel like this?

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    If I were in your shoes I would feel the same way. Sometimes I wonder if these doctors know what they are really doing and the labs too. If you would like to meet and have coffee someday, let me know. I would be glad to share a cup of coffee with you and be a good listener.

    almost 9 years ago

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