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I had been expecting to be diagnosed for 10 yrs before I actually was.....every single mammogram came back suspicious, then would turn out to be nothing. The year before I was actually diagnosed; had a suspicious spot, went thru a core biopsy and they said it was just a fibroid mass. A year later, the same spot had grown and architecturally changed and showed signs of calcification and it turned out to be cancerous. My doc felt they missed it when I had the core biopsy. So yea, it was a big Oh No, even though I had been expecting it for years.

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    Did you have the biopsy done at Skagit Radiology where you get the mammograms? If you did that would explain what happened. They are not a very good medical provider because of all the mistakes they make. The radiologist missed a spot on my mammo and it didn't get biopsied. If it hadn't been for my surgeon Morrie Johnson it would have gone unnoticed and who knows what would have happened. He ordered a biliteral MRI and found cancer in the left breast that the mammo didn't pick up. I chose to have a double mastectomy. I wasn't going to fool around with my future.

    almost 9 years ago

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