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Side Effects Associated with Squamous Cell Sarcinoma. Posted on September 24, 2012 View this journey (11 Experiences)

Side effects included-difficulty swallowing (1 of my tonsils was removed), radiation burn inside my throat and on the outside of my neck, decreased appetite, thrush, fatigue, thinning hair (I never lost mine), excessive fatigue. I had to take a leave of absence four weeks into my treatments. 75% of the way through my treatments, I was hospitalized. I was confused and finally admitted to ICU. My weakened immune system ahd allowed a MRSA infectin to set in. This resulted in memingitis, loss of ability to speak and lack of cognizance of the time that had transpired. After two weeks, I finally was cognizant of my surroundings. The best part - I could finally tell my wife I loved her. For two weeks, She wasn't sure if I would come home. I was diagnosed with memgiitis, MRSA infection, Sepsis and respiratory failure. I spent 4 weeks in a specialty hospital and 6 weeks in a rehab center. The attending physicial at the nursing home gave me a hopeless diagnosis. The doctors diagnosed me as terminal and wrote in his notes that his prognosis was " patient is terminal and will never return to work" I had limited use of the leg and arm on the side of my surgery. Partly attributable to the effects of the meningitis.

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    slugcoach about not giving up!! Great to see a journey of perseverance....

    I really needed to see this thank you

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