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He stated the bone marrow in my collar bone was destroyed by the radiation and I would not regain use of my arm. His only recommedation was to remove the collar bone (a procedure he had never performed) and he had no prosthetic or implant to put in its place. My wife and protector kept pushing for a second opinion. I was finally referred to an orthopedic oncologist at a larger hospital. Fortunately, he was able to perform the surgery to restore blood flow to the marrow, eradicate the infection and give me hope!. This was my decision point. It was also the first time I realized - there is hope. The dread and despair that preceded this was unimaginable. I didn't think I would ever be able to work again. What a turning point in all I had been through.

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    Richard, how are you doing today? I've just entered radiation.....

    over 6 years ago

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