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In March 2010 I went for my yearly mammogram. The technician took more shots then normal,but I didn't think a thing about it. Then I received a call that said it was inconclusive and I would need an ultra sound. While they were doing the ultrasound I could see the mass in my breast. I asked the Dr. whats the worse scenario, and he said you have breast cancer. I knew then without a written report that I had breast cancer. I went home and cried. No one in my family has ever had cancer, how could this be! I then went on the internet to find out everything I could about breast cancer and it scared me to no end knowing what could be my prognosis! I already had my mind made up on what I would do and what I would not do, which was a mistake! I reacted emotionally and didn't logically think it through. I feel that is a normal response!

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