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I was diagnosed on a Friday and had a double mastectomy the following Thursday 1/19/2012

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    As scary as this all seems...it is the not knowing what to expect that is the worst. We are all here for you. I also had the double mastectomy and I just finished my fourth round of chemo. The chemo was NOTHING like I expected. I never got sick once. They have so many anti nausea drugs now. The hardest part, was not being able to do for myself when I got home. See if you can line up a few friends or family members that might be able to prepare a few meals for you or pick up items you may need in the house. A few girls I know, found supermarkets on line that deliver, with no charge for the first 60 days. ( Stop & Shop) (Pea Pod). Just take it real easy. And stay positive. GOOD LUCK !!!!!


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