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The surgery was to remove my entire lower colon, rectum and all. I will have to have a permanent colostomy now. I am devistated by this news. I remember talking to my surgeon. He was up front with me and gave it all to God. I knew I would be ok. I know that I would survive this again.

I just remember wanting to get this over with so I could go on to my normal life again. God is awesome!!!!

The surgery did not go as planned. Because of the damage done from previous radiation treatments, the could not perform the laproscoptice surgery. I had to have open surgery. There was a lot of complications the surgeon had to overcome to perform my surgery.

The recovery was the worst. I had developed a staff infection that last weeks, my bowels would not respond for days, I suffered a lot. I almost lost my will. It was tough. I remember my gilfriend telliing her mom that I might not make it. I looked horrible. My Mom came everyday to see me...I love her! I was alone and prayed to God to help me...He told me "You will be alright...I have you". I rested on this promise and came out the hospital weak but so strong in the mind. I can not be stopped!!! With God before me, who can be against me!!

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