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Finished my chemo about 2 weeks ago and celebrating my birthday & having a big family celebration next week - 25 people so far. It's been wonderful eating & food tastes great once again. I also don't spend my weekends worrying about being sick. That's a great change. My hair is growing back now. I am so relieved & sleeping better too. Back at work full time. It's been a long journey but I had a great Dr. And family support.

  • Lynne-I-Am's Avatar

    Big congratulations,it is so wonderful to leave chemo behind.I am busy growing my hair also,after four months have a very short thick mat of multicolored hair.Hope you have a great summer and better days ahead.

    about 7 years ago
  • LisaAnn's Avatar

    Congrats! Enjoy your party!!

    about 7 years ago
  • kalindria's Avatar

    This is terrific news; I'm thrilled for you!

    about 7 years ago
  • Tank's Avatar


    about 7 years ago
  • kathyk58's Avatar

    congratulations,,, so happy for you. I have my last chemo next weds. I cant wait to get on with my life. Its been a long journey.

    about 7 years ago

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