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On February 29th my life was forever changed. We were called back to the doctor's office that performed my surgery for news regarding the tumor that was removed. It turned out that in the tumor were cells showing oviarian cancer. This was the most difficult day of my life. I went with my fiance at the time to hear the news. We were getting married in 3 months and in the process of buying a house when we received the diagnosis. We were told that this type of cancer is so uncommon in someone my age group (I'm only 25) and they were going to send my slides to Mayo Clinic and get their opinion. Once the results were confirmed we had to move quickly. This was not an easy time, being engaged it was hard not to think of starting a family and how this diagnosis would change that possibility. We were advised that only the left ovary had to be removed at this time but both could be removed as extra precaution. Making this decision was not easy, should we remove both ovaries at the chance there might be more cancer and alter our plans for children or should we remove just the left and hope for no signs of cancer in the other ovary. We decided to just remove the left ovary. Surgery was then scheduled for April 10th.

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