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Our local physician had never treated a patient with NSCLC with the ALK mutation and he did not image and follow the brain while on the targeted therapy Crizotinib. The ALK Positive Support Group on Facebook taught me about the disease and I demanded a brain MRI a year into treatment and without any brain cancer symptoms my husband had 7 tumors in the brain. We switched our local oncologist, and also added an oncologist to the team that specializes in ALK lung cancer, we were able to switch the targeted therapy to Alectinib with no brain radiation needed. Alectinib cleared the brain tumors within a month.

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    I learn so much on the ALK Facebook site. I too had to demand an MRI of the brain. My oncologist felt it was unnecessary since I had no symptoms but he appeased me and fortunately all was clear but it bought me peace of mind and that is priceless to someone battling cancer.

    10 months ago

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