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My Onc was very excited and kept looking at my CT chest scan and MRI brain scan and wondered what happened because it showed that I was getting better. I have been on Tarceva since Oct 2012 and never had itching but the last 6 months, I itch terribly on my scalp. We decreased Tarceva from 150mg to 125mg about 9 months ago and then scalp has itched really bad. Got 3 spots on left side of head about 3" diameter where all the hair fell out but coming back in now. I have been using different medication to stop itch and put creams and gels on scalp. I am finding that when my hair is super short (almost a buzz) there is little itch. I am suppose to use a c-pap to sleep with but when itching I just can't because my scalp cannot stand to have strap around it and I cannot lay my head down on pillow or lean back in a chair.
I am happy regardless because it looked like the Tarceva may of stopped working and then it started working again. Onc ask me what I did and I told her "I do everything you tell me and I have lots of prayer" and she said 'keep doing it'!

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    Have you tried cooling it with a bag of frozen vegetables, RubyFaye?

    almost 2 years ago

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