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5 yrs ago in July was my diagnosis Metastatic NSCLC spread to the brain. After removing cancer and lobe, I started Tarceva 150mg and was stable until July 2017. Can't remember extact dates because my memory is getting really bad. Between then and now, I went off Tarceva, tried Gilotriff and Iressa. Had liquid biopsy to see if my EGFR had switched to T790M but it did not show. Then needed tissue biopsy in order for insurance to allow me to take Tagrisso. They refused but my doctor kept at them until they finally allowed it. In the approx 2 months I was on and off the targeted theraphy, my brain went from 4 met to being peppered with small mets and the plueral effusion seemed to double in size and the thickening around it increased. My options without Tagrisso was going to be either Whole Brain Surgery or a device implanted in head somewhere and chemo would be flushed through my brain--That is a BIG OH NO....and then regular chemo for lungs/chest area. So when I got the ok to take Tagrisso, I was excited. I am praying when I go in Wed. for scans, I will get GOOD news. I haven't been on here as much as I was because I get more confused and just don't seem to find the right word and when my email if filled with responses, I want to respond back to everyone and I get overwhelmed. Big OH NO for my brain and memory. Onc Physiologist checked me and I do not have Dementia or Alzheimer's but it feels like it. They are blaming it on aging when small vessel bursts you loose that little spot in your brain and they say I have alot, then add to that chemo and cancer mets in brain, OH NO OH NO OH NO is great way to express it.

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