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I was not planning to work during treatment. But treatment will last 6 months. FMLA is only 12 weeks. So I have to work.

  • ttisme's Avatar

    I went the same route, they can give you a 90 extension on flma. Give it a couple of treatments before you burn all your time. You might feel like working (even if its part time) a day or so after your disconnected from the pump. By Wednesday I feel ok.

    over 8 years ago
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    I agree with ttisme. You don't have to take FMLA in a solid block. You can work a couple of days and take off a couple of days. I am lucky that I can work at home the day of my infusion so I sit there with my laptop and deal with e-mail and such. The days before chemo when I am feeling good I put in extra hours and try to get ahead as possible. I have my infusion on Wednesdays so I work Thursday which I usually feel fine and Friday a half of day in the office and a half day at home so I can be disconnected from the pump. I usually feel the worst Friday night and Saturday. That's why I picked to have my infusion on Wednesdays so I have the weekend to recover. By the following Monday, I'm feeling myself and even exercising and working my regular hours.

    over 8 years ago

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