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My Mom was diagnosed with having a mass in the bile duct over a year ago. We've done all kinds of tests...2 biopsies (working on the 3rd), CT and PET scans and tumor markers. All test are showing as inconclusive. We've ruled out doing the Whipple surgery. So until the doctors can get a conclusive test, we're pretty much just managing the symptoms. We cannot proceed to any type of radiation treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? Where do we go from here?

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    Hard to believe you can't get a definate diagnosis. I trust you've gotten a 2nd opinion. The mass I have in my liver was diagnosed by blood work, a cat scan, a sonar scan and a biopsy (all done within a two week period). I've been doing chemo now for 7 months. The sooner the diagnosis, the sooner your mom can start treatment.

    about 8 years ago
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    Snchelezlil , If at all possible get to Memorial Sloan Keterring in NYC. I am being treated there for bile duct cancer.. The mass in my liver was the size of an orange. I travel from Vermont to what I consider one of the most successful Cancer Treatments in the world.

    almost 8 years ago

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