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Had routine mamo end of august followed by more mamo and ultra sound of right breast. biopsy mid September. 2 days later got shock, diagnosis ductal carcinoma, lympho-vascular involvement, er positive, grad 3. very numb. started reading. more time elapsed. had genetic counseling and testing. Bracha 1 & bracha 2 negative thank G-d. time passed. find recommended breast surgeopn at hospital far from where I lived. Talked about right breast mastectomy & sentienal lymph biopsy. Several weeks letter saw plastic surgeon. The only option appropriate for reconstruction was implants. Had mastectomy Dec 3 2012. 1 lymph node removed was told it was negative. two days after surgery breast surgeon called and told me the one lymph node was positive for micro metatsis. will require further dissection of lymph nodes in future. Went to see hemotologist-oncologist at veterans hospital ( I am a disabled veteran[phone number redacted]). Given Chemo schedule. will see another hemotologist oncologist. Jan. 4 Then I must decide very very soon where to have chemo

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