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I've done 6 chemo treatments. this was suppose to be the required 12 they said I needed, but i've missed 5 because of low white blood count or low platelets. I stopped the treatments as of 3-16-15. Where as I was told my co-pay was $ 78.84 per treatment, it has ended up being $ 261.00 plus per treatment. I just wont continue to let these bills stack up. Besides that, my ear is bloody from being told, its only a money game, over and over and over. So I have a Pet scan coming up and will see what that says. Pray for me and wish me luck.

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    At that rate you shouldn't have any problem meeting your max out of pocket soon. I've been on disability for two years now and must go on medicare. I searched all the options in my area and all but one insurance company charges a 20% Co-pay for chemo. I went with the HMO w/o the Co-pay. I'm praying for you! Bonnie

    over 6 years ago

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