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I had abd pain, very similar, to an ulcer. My doctor saw me right away and treated me for an ulcer. She ordered CT pf abd and pelvis. The results we metastisized liver with an unknown source. It took weeks to decide what the primary was. They finally put together the possibility and gave it the diagnosis. The the next specialist
told us it was uncurable.

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    How are you doing? I've been diagnosed bile duct cancer about 7 months ago. My tumor was too big to operate on, so I'm had an Hepatic Artery Infustion Chemp pump impanted in my abdomen that pumps chemo 24/7 directly into my liver. 1st scan - still growing, 2 adn 3rd scans - tumor shrining, 3rd scan = no change; but cancer metastasized to lymph nodes so now I'm doing system chemo.

    I will always have this cancer, it's just a matter of trying to control it. It sure gets weary at times. But I feel great and am able to work.

    I hope you're doing well. Where are you being treated?

    over 9 years ago

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