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1 month from surgery with reconstruction and realizing that this healing isn't like other surgeries. Patience and a great support system are critical.

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    I also had a double mastectomy but without reconstruction. You are absolutely correct about having a strong support system-it is critical. From my husband to my adult sons to my friends, I needed them more than ever. I learned to ask if I needed something. As a fiercely independent woman, that was really hard for me. One of my close girlfriends put it into perspective for me... she simply asked me 'if our positions were reversed would you be upset if I asked you do to something for me?' Uh, no because that's what friends are for. 'Exactly' she said with just a hint of gloating. When I needed to vent my girlfriends listened. When I felt unlovable, I would ask my husband for a hug. I learned that it isn't weak to ask for help, it's simply necessary to heal emotionally.
    Patience was even harder for me. I wanted to feel better NOW. I learned, but again it took time.
    I am now three years out and I feel like me again. I'm used to my new profile (I rarely wear my prosthesis) and I'm comfortable in my skin again.
    Most of all a sense of humor helps enormously. About 6 months after surgery my husband and I flew to Europe. It never occurred to me that my prosthesis would set off the TSA alarm. A big mistake on my part. When the female agent came over to me and asked to step aside and into a private room with her, I sighed and simply reached into my bra, pulled out and handed her my boobies. I'm not sure who was more shocked the agent or the young man behind me. Problem solved. Since then I rarely wear them. They're hot, heavy and really not necessary. I did buy boobies that feel like bean bags and those are lighter, but still a pain in the bum.
    Life really does becomes normal and pain free, so hang in there.

    about 3 years ago

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