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Celebration Associated with Adenocarcinoma, Lung Cancer. Posted on January 6, 2012 View this journey (12 Experiences)

I was recently asked to write something about my experience with hospice during my dad's fight with cancer. I was reluctant at first, because I knew it meant reliving all the things, good and bad, we experienced as my dad fought his cancer. So, I started at the beginning...the day dad was diagnosed...and went from there. As I wrote, I didn't cry. I felt a weight being lifted from my head became a little clearer. It took me nearly 2 hours to write about my journey with hospice, but in the end I found that not only did hospice help my dad, but they helped me and my entire family. I realized how much I learned and how loving and supportive the hospice staff was during the entire ordeal. I came away from my 2 hour writing session with a smile on my face after writing about the most horrible event in my life, because I knew the folks from hospice (nurses, aides and volunteers) were and still are angels here on earth with the patience of a Saint and a love bigger than anyone could ever know. They face death on a daily basis, yet the continue to smile and laugh and joke with their patients and the families of their patients. They become part of your family...if you let them. I'm so glad I was asked to write about my experience with hospice because it finally made me see something good and bright in all of the darkness and, for a moment, I felt a bit lighter and warmer. So, THANK YOU to all the angels working in hospice care.

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