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Decision Point Associated with Adenocarcinoma, Lung Cancer. Posted on December 11, 2011 View this journey (12 Experiences)

It was dad's decision to fight the cancer once he was told it was terminal and he had maybe 6 months without treatment. They couldn't guarantee treatment would help. The oncologist told us IF the chemo was able to slow the cancer down, dad may have been able to go a year or two...but, again, no guarantees. The problem was that dad was already so weak and the cancer was already so progressed that the chemo didn't affect it at all. In fact, the oncologist told dad and I, when dad decided to stop chemo, that he had never seen a cancer as aggressive and unresponsive to treatment as my dads. That was the day, June 14th, we collectively decided to stop the chemo because it was doing more harm than good. That was the day it became more about quality of life than quantity. Honestly, I was against chemo from the beginning and I tried to talk him out of it. I can't say the chemo made his time shorter...I don't know that. All I could do was support my dad's decision to fight. He wanted every minute he could get. It was ultimately his decision to stop. He actually told his oncologist, with tears in his eyes, "Doc, if you'd told me it was going to be this bad, I never would've done it".

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