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In the course of being treated for lung cancer, I was also diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer (piece of cake--surgery and radiation) and breast cancer (double mastectomy and easy drugs--not a piece of cake but not like lung surgery or treatment, either). Both were separate primary cancers, not metastatic from the lung cancer (but there was no other label choice that seemed to come closer and it was certainly an "oh no" experience), and diagnosed in the process of my lung cancer treatment. Both seem to be "gone?" now, and my lung cancer, while increasing its presence with each quarterly CT scan, has become what must be the slowest growing lung cancer in history--still there after 9-1/2 years (both of us--the NSCLC and me). But I'm feeling pretty good, have the most considerate husband around, and a few great friends and neighbors, not to mention great health care (UCLA). I'm very lucky, given the circumstances.

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