Experiences with Side Effects of Cancer

There are both physical and emotional side effects of cancer; experiences vary from patient to patient regarding side effects before, during, and after treatment. Although you may not know what to expect with your certain type of cancer or treatment plan, there are ways to be proactive by preparing yourself mentally, taking care of yourself physically, and doing what is best for yourself emotionally all through your cancer diagnosis. You can focus on your daily routine, talk closely with your care team about what you are experiencing, eat healthy, continue to exercise, distract yourself with hobbies, and lean on your support system whether it is made up of family, friends, or local support groups.

It might help you to know what other WhatNexters have experienced through their cancer treatment; remember that side effects will vary for everyone. It may help you to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

For more information read our guide onTreatments and Side Effects of Cancer - What to Expect.

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