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My brother came up here from Arkansas because he wasn't getting the treatment he needed there fast enough. They did a C/T scan for a hernia and found a mass on one of his kidneys. Which scared me into going to the ER and getting myself checked because I hadn't been feeling well either. They did a C/T found a 17cm mass on my left ovary. That was Oct. 30, had a second appointment on Nov. 3rd, and a full hysterectomy on the Nov.11th, at which time I also quit smoking. Two weeks later I had a post op meeting to get my staples removed from my incision and my oncologist told me that I had metastasis in one of my pelvic lymph nodes. Yes, cancer, a very aggressive one, carcinosarcoma in my uterus which has been removed. So, the only thing making the cancer a stage three is the fact that it is in one of my lymph nodes. All the other lymph nodes and tissue samples outside of the uterus were negative. Hopefully we caught it early enough. Oncologist says that if I don't do chemo it will come back, but that my chances of beating this are good. I will have to do 6 treatments of carboplatin/taxol every 21 days, so that's 18 weeks, 4 and a half months. I'm gonna lose my hair, but like one of my friends told trumps hair every time. All I can do is hope for the best... I won't deny that I'm scared as XXX of the treatment, but not as scared as I am of not doing everything in my power to stay healthy. I should add that my brother had his left kidney and part of his bladder removed, no cancer outside of the removed tissue. So, his hernia saved us both.

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