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Went in for a follow up appointment with the surgeon who did my hysterectomy. He told me he "felt something" on my bladder. He said it may just be scar tissue from surgery. I looked it up and it is not uncommon for scar tissue to attach to the bladder...if it is a "mass" I will have to have a biopsy. So, now chemo on Monday, C/T on Tuesday, then back to chemo clinic for my Lunesta shot. Hoping for the best...

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    Hello silvern8v,
    I hope your chemo is going well, as well as it can. You're on a difficult road, but sometimes it's just one we have to face. I've had scans, several times, that showed something "suspicious" that could not be identified. These resulted in many more scans as well as a biopsy. I think this may not be uncommon, so try not to let it worry you too much. There was a very interesting article in the New York Times, last year I think, about how doctors don't really know yet how to respond to all these scan results. Now that we're having so many more scans, many more anomalies are showing up. That makes for a difficult situation--treat or not to treat? When we're on the cancer journey, the doctors are even more reluctant to let anything pass them by. At least, the doctors and hospitals that are really on the ball respond that way. I'll have my fingers crossed that your situation doesn't require biopsy, and you can do the same for me! Hang in there.

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