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I had two more procedures done with my ileostomy, vaginal reconstruction and tumor removal with my colon being reconnected.These complicated things quite a bit. I had to spend the first 24 hours in the icu wearing this corset that was making it hard for me till breathe. I ended up up with collapsed lungs on both sides in the lower lobes. I was then moved to an oncology transplant ward and stayed there for ten days having random 102 fevers. Finally, after transfusion and my white count normalizing I was allowed to go home on day ten. I had fever right away when I got home and they kept going through the weekend. On the fourth day home I was re admitted for another six days with an abscess in the bottom of my incision. Pus and blood was leaking out of me. It didn't hurt,, but was gross, and I was beginning to get red lines around the incision. They readmitted me and did blood cultures. I stayed for another six days and tonight I am home with the help of a wound vac. The Infectious disease specialist tells me that I had e. Coli in the wounds. What I had guessed and was right. There were two other bacteria I'm unfamiliar with there too.tonight is my first night home and I is iffy because the wound vac bandage was applied on top of my paint bandage and the ostomy keeps leaking. We've caused it five times tonight, but really just need the home health nurse to fix the wound vac bandage.I'll see how it goes in the morning!!!!

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  • NanaL's Avatar

    Oh my goodness!! You poor sweet woman. You've been thru the mill! I was on a wound vac back in[phone number redacted]. I know what you're dealing with! I also was rehospitalized twice after a major surgery with infections. Never hesitate to call your home health nurse. I know during all of my issues my husband was the greatest nurse of all! I sure hope the vac can clear up your

    almost 4 years ago
  • NanaL's Avatar

    wound and that you can remain at home to rest and heal. Keep us posted and as hard as it is, try and keep your spirits up.

    almost 4 years ago
  • Skyemberr's Avatar

    @NanaL Spirits up due to my family and listening non-stop to the Hamilton sound track. The home health nurses have been great. Tomorrow I'm back to see the infectious disease doc my surgeon for incision and wound infection. I'm getting strong enough that I think I can walk in the appointment rather t than the wheelchair. Hopefully no more hospital time for me.

    over 3 years ago

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